2014  April  Health Lifestyles 4u

2014 April Health Lifestyles 4u


Hiring domestic help may reduce caregiver stress

B Shreen Jegtiv NEW YORK (Reuters Health) NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Elderly spouses caring fr a sick husband r wife wr less stressed whn th hired a domestic helper, suggests a nw study frm Plates. Domestic helpers provide h nt t t frail older adults, bt t family caregivers n th [...]

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Garcinia Cambogia: Weight-Loss Supplement May Be Toxic to Some

Th οf Garcinia cambogia, a well weight-loss supplement, m pose health risks t people wh r taking rtn antidepressants, a recent case report suggests. Last year n Oregon, a 35-year-ancient woman wh h bn taking Garcinia cambogia supplements fr two r three months wh taking n antidepressant ongoing stuttering n sweating profusely. [...]

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Planet Fitness Tell Woman To Cover Up Because She Intimidated Guest For Being Too Fit

Link t 1 Million Fathers fundraiser:http://igg.m/t/1MFathersattorneyfundraiser Sign th 1 Million Fathers beg:http://goo.gl/v7Hb2S Visit M Website:h Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Gluten-Free Diet For Celiac Disease Treatment

A gluten-Free diet h become very well n nearly trendy many people look t simplify thr diets n t back t a more whole-foods based way οf eating. Guides such th Paleo diet, r a “caveman” rh, r … diet Yahoo News Search Results

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Testosterone, The Biggest Mens Health Craze Since Viagra May Be Risky

Clinics touting prescription testosterone th nwr t low energy n decreased sex drive r proliferating r th people. Bt th low T clinics m b putting mens health t risk. MENS HEALTH Yahoo News Search Results

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Court hears arguments on Mississippi abortion law

A federal appeals court n Nw Orleans heard arguments Monday n th constitutionality οf a Mississippi law tht requires doctors t abortion clinics t h admitting privileges t local hospitals. Th operators &#

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