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Choosing and Buying the Right Cold and Flu Medicines Made Easier OnlinePublished March 21, 2013 By ari hidayat

Online shopping trends have made it easier for people to choose the right kind of medicines for various problems and especially the common problems like cold, flu, sore throat, fever and nasal congestion. Most of the time people think they can have just any medicine for a common cold and flu situation and so they gulp down any over the counter they get, without thinking about the active ingredients in the medicines and the side effects they can have. The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and decongestants are present in most of the drugs for controlling the problems of cold and flu, runny nose and nasal congestion or sneezing. However, these ingredients are also the prime elements that cause a sudden rise in one’s blood pressure. Additionally, these medicines might as well adversely affect the functioning of other medicines meant for correcting the problems arising out of high or low blood pressure. Fortunately for people suffering from cold and flu and having issues with blood pressure as well, some of the companies making medicines for cold and flu problems have recognized this problem and are attempting to come up with cold and flu medicines that are safe for the patients suffering from problems of high blood pressure.

One can also opt for the liquid medicines or syrups for treating the problems like cold, flu, runny nose and sneezing, headache and nasal congestion etc. One of the effective medicines being Lemsip max flu lemon sachets is used for treating the common problems of headaches, sore throat, pains, fever, blocked nose, nasal congestion and fever during colds and flu. Containing paracetamol and phenylephrine, Lemsip max flu lemon sachets act to reduce the fever and are also an effective decongestant. This painkilling medicine has Paracetamol which controls the feeling of pain during cold and flu by controlling the production of prostaglandins in one’s brain and the spinal cord. Prostaglandins are produced in reaction to any kind of injury and certain diseases. Sensitizing the nerve endings is one of the effective impacts of prostaglandins. Paracetamol acts by decreasing the production of prostaglandins so that the feeling of pain is also reduced.

This fresh and tangy flavoured drink makes a person feel better throughout the day and preparing this medicine for drinking is very easy and doesn’t take much time. The medicine additionally, controls fever and reduces the feeling of pain during sinus related to cold and flu. Phenylephrine is an effective decongestant used to give relieve in nasal congestion. It acts on the alpha receptors found in the blood vessel walls in the nasal passage linings and sinuses. This ingredient works by causing the blood vessels to narrow down and decreases the flow of blood into the linings.

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Cold Symptoms & Top Treatment OptionsPublished February 25, 2013 By ari hidayat

Cold symptoms could affect both children and adults per year. According to clinical research, ten children suffer from colds while two to four adults are affected per annum. Common cold is caused by one type of many viruses. This viral infection basically affects certain body parts including the upper respiratory tract. Symptoms are manifested in the chest and head. In most cases common cold is basically harmless but when left unaddressed, it could lead to more serious and harmful health risks.

Here are some of the most common manifestations or signs of a cold:

The nasal cavity is clogged with mucus building up in this particular cavity. It also shows the inflammation of the sinuses. Patients may also suffer from runny nose which could lead to frequent sneezing. In worse cases, congested nasal cavity results to the pressure in the forehead, eye and upper teeth which are undoubtedly very uncomfortable. Over the counter decongestants are basic treatments for this symptom.

This is one of the most common cold symptoms which show in the irritation of the throat. The build-up of mucus in the throat could also result to excessive coughing which is the body’s attempt to expel the unnecessary phlegm. Mucus which results to coughing is also a result of post nasal drip which is a condition due to the tendency of mucus dripping down the throat.

Another very common symptom of cold is fever which could be low-grade or lower than 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Fever is the body’s way of fighting off the cold-causing viral infection. It is treatable through aspirin and ibuprofen in adults. Fever in toddlers and young children is a different case and medical assistance is highly advised.

Fighting off cold could have excessive effects on your energy level hence fatigue is one of the most common cold symptoms and signs. Fatigue is a physical condition which could greatly affect the body and eventually the patient’s work performance. You could not accomplish your daily tasks if you are zero in your energy level and need to stay in bed. One of the recommended remedy for fatigue is home rest and intake of nutritious food to strengthen the body’s immune system.

Knowing the innumerable signs of cold, it is vital to learn and master different treatment options ideal to bounce back to your robust health. Medication is one of the most trusted and effective ways to fight off and eliminate colds and its various discomforts. You could choose over the counter medicines or prescriptive medication or you could take alternative therapies. The most secure and guaranteed way to do it is through diagnosis and consultation. Rest is important to keep your body healthy and recuperate from the symptoms of cold. To speed up your recovery, make sure you get a lot of rest.

Most importantly, keeping a good and balanced diet could guarantee treatment from common cold symptoms. It is always much more effective to prevent ailments than cure them hence shift to a healthy lifestyle.

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