No to coffee to lose weight

No to coffee to lose weight

No to coffee to lose weight

Coffee is known to have a positive effect on weight loss and is often seen as a component of weight loss supplements. This may be true, but only in short term. Coffee has been shown to cause weight loss because of its caffeine content that increases body’s metabolism. In the long run, however, coffee can be an element that helps weight gain for many reasons. Coffee interferes with normal circadian rhythm which disturbs the release of different hormones; this can lead to an increase in the level of hormones that induce weight gain.

How coffee cause weight gain

Coffee induces the release of stress hormones. Cortisol is one of these stress hormones that is found related to weight gain. Cortisol directly affects weight by increasing deposition of fat in tissues. It also functions indirectly to increase the chances of weight gain by augmenting appetite which leads to the consumption of large amounts of food.

Caffeine in coffee can also promote weight gain by increasing amount of insulin in the body. Caffeine elevates blood glucose levels, which lead to excess insulin release. This may lead to development of type II diabetes, which in turn causes polyphagia. The excess insulin in the blood also increases the body’s ability to store harmful white fat in the body. The stored white fat then increases the amount of insulin in the body creating a vicious cycle.

How calories in coffee cause weight gain

Many people prefer to add cream and/or sugar in coffee to mask its bitter taste. This combination promotes weight gain in the long run. The amount of cream adds up through the day, constituting a large amount of calories and fats. This amount increases for those who become dependent on coffee, and require multiple cups to go through their daily activities with sufficient levels of energy. This effect also applies for sugar; coffee drinkers find themselves unnecessarily consuming empty sugar calories that add up to their overall daily caloric intake.

How caffeine in coffee cause weight gain

Caffeine also induces anxiety which can result food craving as a bodily response for coping with anxiety. This craving can lead to consumption of large amounts of food and results in weight gain.